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Jared Kushner Off to Israel, Arab Countries For Peace Talks


White House senior adviser Jared Kushner planning to travel to Jerusalem and several other capitals in the Middle East next week to talk about moving forward with the Trump administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

Sunday, it was reported the trip will be important for both the economic and political components of the plan.

The timing for unveiling the all-important political portion has been thrown off because of new elections called in Israel, and special envoy Jason Greenblatt told reporters that the White House is considering whether or not to release it before the 17 September elections.

Mr. Greenblatt said President Trump will be the one to make the call.

According to the report Mr. Kushner will arrive in the region with Mr. Greenblatt, special envoy for Iran Brian Hook, and his close adviser Avi Berkowitz. 

US officials said Mr. Kushner and his team are expected to visit Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Qatar and Jerusalem, although the final itinerary may change.

The trip’s goal is to continue talks with Israel and the Arab countries about the economic part of the plan, but that the discussions could also deal with the complex political parts.

It has been noted that Mr. Kushner wants to promote the establishment of a multinational fund to finance and monitor a plan to boost the Palestinian economy through projects in the West Bank and Gaza.

Stay tuned…

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