Janifer Yeo-Tan Vs Constance Peck CellOS Software Becomes a Singapore Soap Opera

Janifer Yeo-Tan Vs Constance Peck CellOS Software Becomes a Singapore Soap Opera

Janifer Yeo-Tan Vs Constance Peck CellOS Software Becomes a Singapore Soap Opera

The CellOS saga took a very bizarre twist this week as the women who seized control of the company turned on each other in a classic Soap Opera style twist.

Janifer Yeo-Tan on behalf of Cellos Software have included Constance Peck, her husband Alan Peck and Melvin Tan in the law Suit the company is currently running against Jason Huber where Cellos is accusing them of the unauthorized trading of shares.

While regular shareholders to a 99.8% beating it is alleged Constance, Alan and Melvin made out like bandits, our source said:

It appears that Constance and her Group have traded up 15 million shares without the issuance of a prospectus and compliance with various securities regulations. Constance and her Group bought the shares at USD 2 or less and allegedly traded them at a price of USD 5.00 to 10.00 per share, allowing them to generate substantial profits for their personal benefit.

After Jason found out about these activities and actively put an end to it, Constance Peck, Melvin Tan and their Group sought revenge and were a driving force in the illegitimate takeover of Cellos Software at the EGM over one year ago.

Melvin Tan a once loved member of the Janifer/Constance team is a convicted criminal (case [2005] SGDC200) previously charged for forgery and a Director of Methuselah, the company who sold a large number of the Bonds to investors who are now owners of the recently issued 5c shares.

CellOS Software valuation has dropped a whopping 99.8%, according to the Company in a November 25 2016 Update. The price they have been selling shares at is 5c.

Meanwhile the Company has still not released the promised audited accounts nor called for a General Meeting – both long overdue.

Can’t wait for the next twist in this Janifer/Constance tango!

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