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James Comey’s Attempted ‘Coup’ Rings Back to Ex-CIA Officer, Prosecutions are Coming

Friday, President Trump, while speaking out on Twitter about the Inspector General’s report on James Comey’s actions, Tweeted a compilation of comments from a Democratic former CIA officer who said on Fox News that Comey tried to “kneecap our duly elected President.”

President Trump pointed out the former officer, Bryan Dean Wright, had commented on “Fox and Friends” that “‘in 2016 we had a coup. We have to take Comey and others to task. Makes no sense not to prosecute him. Comey got a book deal. I fear for my Country. He tried to kneecap our duly elected President, and there are no consequences.” 

Mr. Wright said Friday that he’s angry because James Comey leaked information to force the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Donald Trump not because the facts depended on it but because “he and his own partisan drive desired it.”

That action was not just “horrifying” for Donald Trump or anyone else who could have been elected in Y 2016, but for himself as an agency officer. 

We have 35,000 employees in the FBI, and 10,000 CIA officers who have access to some of the most profound powers in this country,” said Mr. Wright. “What example does it set for them in 2020 or 2024 to use that information to kneecap however and whoever they want?”

He also warned that unless James Comey and others, like former CIA Director John Brennan, are taken to task, the same actions could be taken again. 

In 2020, if we have Elizabeth Warren or whoever, on the Democratic side who happens to win, do you think there aren’t going to be conservative or Republican spies out for revenge themselves?” said Mr. Wright.

Stay tuned, prosecutions are coming.

Have a terrific holiday weekend.

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