Jam House Live & Jecarco Studios to Market WiFi Wireless, Inc. (OTC:WFWL) International Mobile Services

Jam House Live & Jecarco Studios to Market WiFi Wireless, Inc. (OTC:WFWL) International Mobile Services

Jam House Live & Jecarco Studios to Market WiFi Wireless’ International Mobile

WFWL Enters Pre-Paid Advertising and Distribution Agreement WiFi Wireless, Inc. (OTC:WFWL) announced today that has signed an Agreement with Jam House Live, Inc. and Jecarco Studios, Inc. to co-market WiFi Wireless’s new “International Mobile Services”.


Darrell Green, President of Jam House Live, said, “We will feature WiFi’’s products and services in several ways to attract sales and promotion of the WiFi “International Mobile Services” on all applicable distribution platforms because we are also a Distribution Partner for “All things Powered by WiFi Wireless, Inc.”


Jam House Live/Jecarco Entertainment is a television multimedia company who develops and distributes entertainment news, live streaming events, sports events, TV Shows, music and exclusive footage of the hottest celebrities.


Jam House Live/Jecarco also films celebrity events/TV Shows for distribution via Pay-Per-View and Video-On-Demand, Movies and television platforms.

Jam House Live/Jecarco is currently operating from its new 13,000 square foot state of the art studio in Downtown Los Angeles and has a media distribution presence throughout the United States, Europe and West Africa.


The Jam House Live/Jecarco Channel is also distributed via Pay Per View & Video on Demand.


JHL/Jecarco Television distribution reaches 80+ Million Households through:


  • Verizon, AT&T, Charter & Mediacom: 15 million Households
  • Bell, Shaw & Roger Media ( Canada Market) 20 Million Households
  • Sky Network (Europe Market) 35 million Households
  • Apple Entertainment 19 million subscribersJHL/Jecarco online distribution reach includes:
  • Filmon.TV: 70 million unique monthly visitors
  • 50 million APP Downloads worldwideWiFi’s COO, Peter Haney commented, “What’s cool about the WFWL solution is that it requires no connection to a dedicated WIFI service, hotspot or third party subscription. This simple concept is what makes our International Mobile Service an economic and service game changer in global telecommunications. WiFi Wireless is different in its proprietary blend of services using Cellular and WIFI.   We deliver an array of services that previously relied on direct WiFi Connections. WiFi Wireless is creating alliances with a host of “who’s who” luminaries in the world of entertainment for early stage promotion with the intention to exploit the major horizontal and vertical opportunities active in the mobile communications market place.WiFi Chairman Gene Curcio noted, “WiFi’’s new International Mobile Services is up and running in test mode and our mobile app is soon to be released and available for use on any smartphone without a dedicated WiFi connection.” Details of services can be reviewed at www.wifiwirelessinc.net

         About WiFi Wireless, Inc. WiFi Wireless, Inc. (OTC:WFWL) is a solutions provider in the wireless communications industry. The Company recently announced development of its WiFi Mobile Phone System known as “Powered by WiFi Wireless, Inc.” for all white label service offerings. The company’s global mobile phone promises a second quarter 2016 launch with unlimited voice, text, data and other virtual soft phone services for I-Phone and Android. It should be noted that the Company has dropped the “Sling Shot” branding approach previously announced. The Company also has a division known as “WiFi My City” engaged in the development of municipal WiFi for cities in the United States, which is designed to support local business, law enforcement, fire, emergency response, education, ports, and railways. The “WiFi My City” plan also includes low cost essential services to undeserved communities.   Gene Curcio, Chairman424-206-5587

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  • Source WiFi Wireless, Inc.
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  • From this facility, humming with creativity and inspired by the boom of Los Angeles’ working and living downtown spaces JECARCO has molded itself into the fabric of the city and set itself apart from other studios in the valley and elsewhere. 
  • JECARCO also actively conceptualizes, produces and markets self-branded, original content for international placement in select markets. 
  • JECARCO provides comprehensive production services for a high-profile list of clients in their production of: feature films, documentaries, television content, commercials, music videos, still photo shoots, promotional events and creative consultation services. These services extend across a varied array of consumer industries. 
  • Located just a few blocks south of the Nokia Theatre, LA Live and the Staple’s Center in Downtown Los Angeles JECARCO INC. has designed and constructed a 13,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art production and design facility. JECARCO’s fresh, modern aesthetics and design combined with its leading edge technology makes it the first and most unique, multi-faceted production studio of its kind in downtown LA.
  • About Jecarco Studios

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