Ivanka, “My Father Will Never Lie to the American People”

Ivanka, “My Father Will Never Lie to the American People”

Ivanka, “My Father Will Never Lie to the American People”

Thursday, Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka  praised the GOP nominee as someone who is candid, not politically correct, and who will “never lie to the American people.”

At a campaign event in suburban Milwaukee, Ivanka Trump’s remarks followed the last of 3 Presidential debates between her father and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton when the Republican standard-bearer triggered a firestorm for refusing to say if he would accept the result of the November 8 election.

“He is not politically correct,” she said, eliciting laughs from the crowd. “And I think we love that about him right? 97% of the time.”

Then becoming more serious, Ivanka Trump added: “But look ‘politically correct’ the word political is in there, right, he is not a politician.”

“People have learned to navigate and, you know, say one thing and do another. With my father what you see is what you get. What you hear is what you get. He is incredibly candid. He will never lie to the American people.

“He will always be forthright with his opinions and his perspectives even if that’s not what somebody wants to hear. It’s who he is.”

Trumpeting for Trump

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