Italian Coast Gaurd Rescues Migrants From Wooden Boat

Italian Coast Gaurd Rescues Migrants From Wooden Boat

Fifty-seven migrants were rescued by Italian customs
police and the coastguard and taken to the island of Lampedusa, the
ANSA news agency reported. 

Among them, there is also a boy who is sick and was loaded on a stretcher by the doctors. To notice the boat, full of migrants, were the financiers who, together with the Harbor Master’s Office, took care of the rescue. Among the migrants landed at Favaloro pier there are also two women, one of whom is pregnant. Everyone should be Tunisians. To sight them, in the waters in front of the islet of Lampione, had been a patrol boat of the Finance Police. The boy who was ill was immediately loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the clinic. He would have been seized by a sort of hysterical crisis but is now about to leave the health facility to be transferred, like the others, to the Imbriacola district hotspot

Italy’s hardline Interior Minister Matteo Salvini claims credit for a
drastic drop in migrant arrivals to Italy, linking it to his efforts
to block the work of migrant rescue charities.

Most sea migrants reach Italy without the help of charities.
Matteo Villa, a migration researcher at the ISPI think tank, has
calculated that only 8 per cent of the 3,073 migrants who landed in
Italy in the January 1-July 8 period were rescued by charity ships.

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