It is Not a Migrant Caravan, It is a Migrant Invasion

It is Not a Migrant Caravan, It is a Migrant Invasion

It is Not a Migrant Caravan, It is a Migrant Invasion

  • The Migrant Invasion is a National Emergency, President Trump Calls to End US Aid to Countries
  • Migrants heading through Mexico as part of a massive migrant caravan will be arrested if they to breach the United States’ border, the traveling immigrants are not coming peacefully.
  • The Department of Justice must investigate funding behind the massive migrant invasion heading to the US border
  • The people traveling from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador won’t be able to make a legitimate asylum claim once they arrive

“I’m a career prosecutor. and I have seen first hand what comes in to our country from Mexico, from China to Mexico, into our country,” Florida’s Attorney General Pamela Bondi said in a TV interview. “The heroin, the fentanyl, all the drugs, the gang members…we have to protect our borders.”

She referred to immigrants breaking down fences to enter Mexico as “violent” and called for the movement to stop.

“The fact that they would even risk children being out there with them, that shows that they are not here peacefully,” said AG Bondi. “We have seen them burning the American flag. They are here to cause trouble, I cannot say that for all of them, of course.”

However, she added, “we have got to protect our country, our citizens and our kids from the drugs, from the human trafficking. That’s why we have borders and that’s why we have a vetting process in our country.”

Monday, President Donald Trump declared the caravan as a national emergency and said the US will cut off or reduce the “massive foreign aid” given to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador after they did not stop the migrants’ trip North.

Also Monday, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Tom Homan  said, “Lawmakers’ failure to close immigration law loopholes has led to the threat being posed by a massive immigrant caravan headed for the United States border.”

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