ISIS Attack in Saudi Arabia Foiled

ISIS Attack in Saudi Arabia Foiled

ISIS Attack in Saudi Arabia Foiled

The Border Guards at Al-Ashiq Centre, Division of Al-Mausim in the Province of Jazan, Saudi Arabia, have prevented a terrorist attempt to blow up Aramco’s platform and station for the distribution of oil products in Jazan on Tuesday, according to a security spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior.

“The attempt used a booby-trapped boat, which was monitored as it sailed from one of the small Islands in the Yemeni national waters.

Its speed increased to 34 knots as soon as it entered the Saudi national waters and was heading toward the platform and station for the distribution of oil products. When intercepted by the marine Border Guards, it became clear that the boat was remote-controlled.

The guards fired at the boat’s engine and disabled it some one-and-a-half nautical miles off its target. On inspection, in co-ordination with the Royal Saudi Navy Forces, it became clear that the boat was fully fitted with some highly explosive material. The site was then secured and the boat was detonated in the high waters,” the spokesperson was quoted saying by Saudi Press Agency, SPA.

The Interior Ministry stressed its readiness to protect Saudi Arabia’s land and sea borders, and foil these terrorist attempts, which are supported by Houthi militias seeking to threaten the security of Saudi Arabia’s water lanes and naval facilities.

The response of Saudi Arabia to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has taken many forms. For example, Saudi government agencies have worked with the United States since late 2014 to train and equip Syrian fighters hoping to engage with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants. The Saudi people have suffered attacks at the hands of ISIL agents, such as the August 2015 mosque bombing in the Asir area that killed fifteen people and injured nine. Like past militant incidients in the country, the bombing was met with shock and condemnation. The challenges of dealing with ISIL is complicated by the fact that around 2,500 militants originally from Saudi territory have left for Syria in order to join ISIL, the destabilization created by the Syrian Civil War having a big effect on the region.

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