ISIS Attack in Paris

ISIS Attack in Paris

ISIS Attack in Paris

As Ramadan drags on the West is getting bogged down in terrorist attacks, cliche responses and nothing is changing.

Europe, the UK, Australia and the USA have to have a close took at Islam in their country and start arresting people, deporting them or sending them to jail.

People will not tolerate this type of attack forever, without action from western governments, politically incorrect, racially profiled actions this situation will continue to worsen.

It is now common place for Muslim terrorists to launch attacks in Europe due to Merkel’s open door policy on refugees and the reluctance of authorities to deal with risk individuals based on political correctness.

Today Police have shot and injured an attacker near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, officials say. The attacker was reportedly armed with a hammer.

Paris police initially tweeted that an “intervention” was taking place in the square in front of the cathedral, and have asked people to avoid the area.

Police have confirmed an officer was injured in the attack, Reuters reported.

The attacker threatened passersby before assaulting the officer, according to BFM TV.

The regional secretary of the police union Alliance told the media outlet, that the officer was hit in the head with the hammer, prompting police to fire at the attacker.

French counterterrorism authorities have opened an investigation into the incident, according to the French Prosecutor’s Office.

Witnesses cited by the Telegraph said they saw a man lying on the ground at the scene.

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