ISIS Attack in Australia

ISIS Attack in Australia

An explosion and a hostage incident occurred in Australia yesterday.

3 people were shot and an ISIS gunman killed in Australia.

A massive explosion was heard in Bay Street, Brighton, and specialist units are investigating the incident.

Thirty or forty rounds of gunfire have been heard at the scene of the hostage situation.

A phone call was made from the gunman to 7 News Melbourne saying: “This is for IS.”

According to the Australian Herald Sun, the gunman is a known Muslim extremist and on the radar of Australia’s counter-terrorism police.

The man kept a woman hostage inside a Melbourne apartment, where a loud explosion had been heard earlier.

Two police officers who were trying to get into the apartment were shot and are injured.

Authorities say the investigation into the attack is ongoing and no official determination has yet been made regarding the possibility of terrorism as the motive or ties to known terrorist groups.

“Police have resolved a hostage situation at an apartment block in Brighton,” a police spokesperson said.

“A man has been shot dead by police in the Bay Street apartment complex shortly before 6pm.”

“Police have safely rescued a woman who was being held against her will in the apartment block.”

The spokesperson said two of the three injured officers were evacuated to a local hospital, while one was treated on the scene.

Australia Politicians are spineless when it comes to the USA so for the last 8 years of Obama, Australia has been a dumping ground for the world’s Muslim refugees that Obama and Merkel were unable to shove on there own populations, and is now facing European style problems.

Australia is failing to support pensioners, farmers and it’s own current population the idea of more immigration from anywhere is madness.

The radicalisation of elements of Australia’s Muslim population is of intense security concern not only because of the obvious physical damage that domestic terrorists can inflict, but because of the potential damage it can do to the social fabric.

Do not expect this Government to help, Malcolm Turnbull, two weeks before an election, to invite a Muslim hate preacher to a Ramadan dinner at Kirribilli House, Turbull is a danger to Australia.

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