IRS Taps Bitcoin Traders’ Exchange Data Pool

IRS Taps Bitcoin Traders’ Exchange Data Pool

IRS Taps Bitcoin Traders’ Exchange Data Pool


Coinbase Inc., an online exchanges for digital currencies, has warned thousands of its customers that it will be reporting their financial data to the US tax officials.

The request was part of a probe by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) into alleged tax evasion and advoidence.

The IRS considers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as property for federal tax purposes, meaning any profits or losses from the sale or exchange of the virtual coins should generally be reported as capital gains or losses.

Trading of cryptocurrencies, digital tokens whose value is not backed by central banks and hard assets, surged in Y 2017.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at: 9,561.4951, -214.76, or -2.20%, at close: 9:59p GMT, the market is closed.

It is not clear how many Americans hold cryptocurrencies, as these are bought and sold on online platforms, sometimes anonymously.

US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase says it has 10-M users, again it is not clear how many of these are in the US.

The exchange said the information it is required to provide within 21 days includes ID, name, birth date, address, and transaction records from 2013-2015.

The cryptocurrency service calls the limitation of disclosure a partial, but still significant, victory for Coinbase and its customers and encouraged users affected “to seek legal advice from an attorney” promptly.

“We remind all our customers, that you have a responsibility to self-report and pay taxes on all taxable gains,” Coinbase told its customers.

In its initial court filing in June, the IRS requested information on all Coinbase users, reports, but the number was reduced by a court order in November, according to our source.

The California court order said the IRS has the right to identify people, who bought, sold, sent, or received more than $20,000 through their Coinbase accounts in 1 year during the 3-year period. The IRS initially targeted over 500,000 users in its court filing.

To be sure, less than 100 people out of the 250,000 individuals who have already filed federal taxes this year through company Credit Karma reported a cryptocurrency transaction to US tax authorities.

This is despite nearly 57% of the 2000 Americans surveyed by the credit score startup and research firm Qualtrics last month saying they had realized some gains from cryptocurrencies, according to a recent Credit Karma study.

About the same percentage said they had never reported cryptocurrency gains to the IRS, while alomost 50% of those polled said they understood how owning cryptocurrencies affected their taxes.

Meanwhile, the IRS news is a stroke of bad luck for Coinbase.

Last year, it started seeing complaints soar on the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website. Unfortunately for the San Francisco business and its customers, things have only gotten worse.

From January to August 2017, Coinbase had received at least 293 complaints on the site.

So far in Y 2018, the total is more than 900. Some customers have also taken to Reddit to express dismay over multiple unauthorized charges to their credit cards, money disappearing and bank accounts drained to nothing.

Coinbase is receiving the blame from customers, and the company is aware that it needs to do something to fix that perception.

It is seen as 1 of the most prominent startups in the financial-technology (FINTEC) world, with a valuation of $1.5-B and investors like Spark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

But it has been caught in a Key startup problem: not being prepared to handle a surge in demand that it hoped for before the Bitcoin rally of Y 2017.

Coinbase is making moves to prepare for the future.

The company hired a former Twitter executive to lead customer service and now says it will increase the size of the support team to 500 in 1-H of this year from 200 currently.

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