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Iran’s Trade Increases Significantly

Iran’s non-oil exports to Turkey have increased remarkably, while the energy trade between two countries also grows, Head of Iran-Turkey Chamber of Commerce Reza Kami told Trend.

“The two countries have traded in all energy fields including electricity, oil and gas, that is a major part of bilateral trade volume,” he said. “Iran exports gas, oil, petrochemical and electricity to Turkey. We have stable and removable pipeline and wired network for energy transmission.”

“Iran’s non-oil exports to Turkey during past three months of current Iranian year [started March 21, 2019] have increased remarkably. Iran’s non-oil exports to Turkey include machinery, nuts and iron wares,” he added.

“Iran’s imports from Turkey have dropped due after the imports ban policy was introduced in Iran. Currently, Iran imports read meat, chicken and animal production inputs,” he noted.

Iran traded 717,023 tons of non-oil commodities worth $549.92 million with Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa (collectively known as CIVETS) in the first Iranian month (March 21-April 20) to register a 25.73% and 34.01% growth in tonnage and value respectively compared with the year before.

Iran traded 491,247 tons worth $464.63 million with Turkey during the first Iranian month (March 21-April 20), registering a 76.76% and 77.76% growth in tonnage and value respectively compared with the year before, latest data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration show.

Ivy Heffernan
Ivy Heffernan, student of Economics at Buckingham University. Junior Analyst at HeffX and experienced marketing director.

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