Iran to Release the Ridiculous Battle of the Persian Gulf II

Iran to Release the Ridiculous Battle of the Persian Gulf II

An animated film depicting Iran’s Revolutionary Guards defeating US forces will soon open in Iranian cinemas. The movie’s not-so-bright director says he hopes the film will show “warmongering” President Trump what will happen if the US attacks the Islamic Republic, the Movie was actually started 4 years ago when Obama was president and giving away freebies to Iran.

Reminiscent of North Korean productions in a similar the movie is a patriotic fantasy with no base in reality, Iran’s Military does not compare to the US by any measure despite Obama having funded them extensively.

The 88-minute film ‘Battle of the Persian Gulf II’ opens with the US Army attacking an Iranian nuclear reactor, and the US Navy in the Gulf hitting strategic locations across the country.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) then retaliates against the American forces, launching ballistic missiles on the US warships.

Azima said screenings of the film will begin as soon as the movie gets the necessary permissions from cultural authorities. Local outlets have reported it will be released sometime this month.

Last month, Tehran warned Washington against “creating new tensions” with Iran over an alleged ballistic missile test which the US says it held, stating that its missiles are not in violation of United Nations resolutions because they are for defensive purposes, and are not designed to carry nuclear warheads.

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