Iran is the US’ “Biggest Issue We Have Right Now”

Iran is the US’ “Biggest Issue We Have Right Now”

Iran is the US’ “Biggest Issue We Have Right Now”

Americans need to be worried about Iran, as the country is the “biggest issue we have right now,” United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said Wednesday.

“They are very involved, whether it’s Lebanon or Yemen,” she said Wednesday on TV. “They are constantly in the middle of trouble. They are not on our side.”The United States must make sure the international community understands that continuing to do business with Iran is only “helping terrorists,” Amb. Haley added. “You are not helping the international community.”

Amb. Haley also had strong words for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama’s  former Secretary of State John Kerry, who reportedly has told Iranian officials to wait out President Donald Trump’s Administration.

“What Secretary Kerry did was not only disrespectful, it was hurtful to America,” said Amb. Haley. “When we are sitting there trying to get Iran to come to the table in a way that they understand, the ballistic missile testing has to stop. The support of terrorism has to stop.

“They have to quit selling arms to the Houthis…to have another American go in and ‘say don’t worry about it,’ that absolutely is anti-American, it was hurtful to the American people and if Secretary Kerry was Secretary of State, he would not want anyone doing that.”

Another former secretary, Henry Kissinger, has also met with leaders, but that is different, as he never leaves the country or comes back in without telling the administration about his travels and what he’s been doing

“With Dr. Kissinger, you never worry that he is not on America’s side,” said Amb. Haley.

The sanctions

Iran’s currency has dropped to a record low ahead of the imposition of renewed American sanctions, with many fearing prolonged economic suffering or possible civil unrest.

America First!

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