Iran Deal was Fatally Flawed, the Reinstatement of Sanctions is in Order 

Iran Deal was Fatally Flawed, the Reinstatement of Sanctions is in Order 

Iran Deal was Fatally Flawed, the Reinstatement of Sanctions is in Order

The United States should never have entered into the international nuclear deal with Iran, and President Donald Trump is right to choose a stronger stance against the country’s regime, Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) said Tuesday.

“I think it is outstanding,” the New York Republican told Maria Bartiromo in a TV interview Tuesday.

“The Iran nuclear deal should not have been entered into in the 1st place. It was fatally flawed for what was in it, and for what wasn’t in it.”

The United States did not ask for a signature from Iran said Mr. Zeldin and allowed Iran to get its hands on cash that it used to finance terror organizations at a time while Iranians were chanting “Death to America.”

“Instead of empowering regime, this helps empower Iranians who want a better future,” he said adding that sanctions relief would have been better spent on Iranian infrastructure than on financing terrorism.

He said that he is “excited” to see more sanctions will be coming into place in the months ahead, and he fully expects nations in Europe to continue being allies in the effort and refuse to do business with Iran, as President Trump has demanded.

The Chinese want to continue buying Crude Oil from Iran, it has been noted, but Mr. Zeldin said he expects to see the UK, France, and eventually Germany to align before China and Russia comes on board.

“There are a whole lot of countries” who were not part of the Iran deal, said Mr. Zeldin, and are supportive of President Trump’s move to exit it.

He also suggested cracking down on shipping insurance against China and other countries who are still willing to buy items from Iran, as all such coverage is written and sold out of London.

“No ship without insurance is going to take on cargo,” Mr. Zeldin said. “That is one way. Again, there are a lot of financial sanctions that can be used by the United States and our allies to stop this terror regime from enriching itself.”

Iran’s President is now beating a path to the negotiating table with President Trump

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