Investors Focus: The 1st Trump Vs Clinton Presidential Debate

Investors Focus: The 1st Trump Vs Clinton Presidential Debate

Investors Focus: The 1st Trump Vs Clinton Presidential Debate


Who becomes the next US President will be in focus for Wall Street starting Monday with the 1st debate between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton’s once-comfortable lead in opinion polls has faded and with just over 6 weeks until Election Day, some investors see a toss-up contest creating volatility in certain sectors.


In a recent report, Wells Fargo said a Clinton Presidency with a divided US Congress would have a “Neutral” impact on financial markets.

A Trump victory and a divided Congress would have a “slightly Negative” market impact, Wells Fargo said.

So far, the election has been too close to call and too far away to trade specific stocks, some investors said.

Citibank says Volatility in Gold and Forex markets may increase, according to a commodities report from the bank as it raised the odds on a Donald Trump victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton in November to 40 from 35%.

A Bloomberg Politics poll has Donald Trump and Mrs. Clinton deadlocked now.

Donald Trump is a resilient unconventional candidate, courting controversy with blunt remarks throughout his run for the White House to see off a crowded Republican field of contenders and face the former Secretary of State. Among policy proposals, he’s attacked US trade policy and threatened to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

The candidates are set to square off at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, Monday night, an event forecast to be one of the most-watched television events in US history.

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