Investing in Classic Ferrari’s, a Passion that Pays

Investing in Classic Ferrari’s, a Passion that Pays

Investing in Classic Ferrari’s, a Passion that Pays


The FT’s recently analysed a number of assets to see which gave the best growth over the last 10 years.

The Results

A high-end New York residential property has increased in value by 72%, whereas a similar property in Hong Kong has risen by 220%, a figure more in line with the performance of fine arts, stamps and rare coins.

None of those investments have come close to the 400% return on classic cars which, along with gold, continue to be the market with the best investment growth.

Classic Ferraris are leading the trend.

In recent years regularly holding the Top Spots in the list of 10 most valuable cars sold at auction with 2 examples of the 250 Testa Rossa having been sold at over $12-M, and a 1962 250GTO going under the hammer for a record $38,115,100, other Tier 1 Ferraris have exchanged hand in private treaty transaction for as high as a rumored $70,000,000.

But this underlines a more general trend with all classic Ferraris as can be seen from the value reached by a long-wheelbase 1959 250 GT Berlinetta in 2003 for $1,195,691, compared to a similar car which was sold in Y 2012 for $6,710,000, an increase of over 400%.

Last September, Ferrari made history when the 210th model of its 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta sold for $10-M, the highest value that any modern car has been auctioned to date ever.

Even without the newly-set world record, the LaFerrari Aperta’s reigning position at the Top of the list of cars sold at RM Sotheby’s (NYSE:BID) Ferrari 2017 auction is a remarkable feat on its own.

Ferrari’s classic and vintage sports cars perform exceptionally well at auctions, as the 70 anni Maranello Outfit owns a rich heritage that is unparalleled by any other carmaker in the world,

The roots of Ferrari’s glory lie in F1

Scuderia Ferrari is the only team to have participated in all running’s of the Formula One World Championship since its inception in Y 1950. It has since gone on to hold the most constructors’ championships and the highest number of winning drivers.

Ferrari’s racing success is indebted, of course, to its super cars.

Since Y 1947, the Italian carmaker has released some of the most phenomenal GT (grand touring) cars ever known, from the Ferrari 250 series and the F40 to the Dino 246 and the Testarossa.

It is these cars, now highly-prized rarities in the auction world, that  billionaire and multi-millionaire Ferrari collectors are eager to acquire.

When they do go up for auction, Ferraris often go down in the history books.

Stay tuned…

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