Invading Immigrants Know President Trump Is Serious About Border

Invading Immigrants Know President Trump Is Serious About Border

FLASH: “Our Country is Full!”

Invading immigrants are surging toward the US border because they are hearing that President Trump is serious about the issue of illegal immigration and they want to do “everything they can” to come across before it’s too late, Representative Bill Johnson (R-OH), said Monday.

“They are hearing that our border is open, they are hearing that we have a porous border, they know because they listen to the news also, they know that Democrats in Congress are not working with the President to secure the border,” he said on TV Monday. “I believe this president is going to try and solve the problem.”

President Trump has tried to work with Congress, but Democrats need to come to the table to talk about real immigration reform, securing the border, and closing loopholes that allow immigrants to come into the United States where they become a “tremendous burden on the American taxpayers,” Mr. Johnson added.

“It takes legislators, lawmakers sitting down together and recognizing that there’s a real problem,” he said. “You have to have your head buried in the sand to think that this is a manufactured crisis, it’s a very real crisis on the southern border.”

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