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Inside Bills Gates Fortune


With a net worth of $103.5 billion dollars, Bill Gates is easily one of the richest men alive. The Microsoft founder earns about $1.38 million hourly. It may seem a bit unimaginable to control such monumental wealth, but Bill Gates has plenty of investments, possessions, and real estate to spend his billions on.

Furthermore, he’s one of the most generous philanthropists out there today and even has his own foundation. Today, we’ll be taking a look at 10 of the most expensive things owned by Bill Gates.


It makes sense that Bill Gates would live in a world-class mansion. His Xanadu mansion exceeds expectations with its unbelievable luxury. Not only is it gigantic but the mansion features an artificial stream outside and a huge pool that has indoor and outdoor sections, plus an underwater speaker system.

The mansion boasts seven high-tech bedrooms, six kitchens, and a trampoline room the size of an entire Sky High building. Bill Gates spent $63 million on the house, and much more to incorporate all of his decors, making the mansion worth $127 million overall.


As the founder of one of the largest tech companies in the world, it makes sense that Bill Gates would want to live in a futuristic home dripping with high-tech luxuries.

One of the most unique aspects of Xanadu are the computer screens that add up to $80,000 in almost every room. These can be moved around by pushing a button. Although Bill Gates usually sets family photographs and other mementos to be the focus of his digitized screens, he also has the option to recreate famous artwork to display right in his home. In fact, chances are that every painting and photo hung up in Bill Gates’s house is able to be changed at his whim.

Private Jet

Although owning a private jet may seem like a necessity to other billionaires, Bill Gates revealed that he feels like it is one of his guilty pleasures instead, calling the $40 million his “big splurge” even though it is quite necessary.

After all, rich and famous men are bound to have enemies, and the safest option is to be secluded and surrounded by security at all times. His plane of choice is the luxurious Bombardier BD-700, which seats up to 19 people and offers top-class service, food, and entertainment onboard. Bill Gates uses the jet for both personal trips and vacations, as well as business ventures.

Private Wealth Fund

While Bill Gates certainly indulges himself with luxury, he’s also passionate about helping others through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which he has invested over $10 billion in. His main investments have been the Global Fund, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

Since its creation in 1997, the foundation has changed the lives of thousands of struggling people. The foundation was also awarded a plethora of honors, including the Prince of Asturias Award, Gandhi Prize for Peace, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom bestowed by President Barack Obama.

Rancho Paseana

In addition to owning a number of high tech mansions, Bill Gates also has a soft spot for rural vacation spots perfect for family vacations. He spent $18 million on a giant 228-acre horse ranch in California featuring an ocean view.

The ranch used to belong to Jenny Craig, known for her programs focused on dropping weight, and it has five barns, an orchard, a vet suite, a racetrack, and a guesthouse.

Porsche 959 Coupe

Aside from mansions, ranches, and philanthropy, Bill Gates is a proud collector of rare and beautiful Porsches. Although the hefty $225,000 he spent is like pocket lint to Gates, the car does have several unique features and a classic design that explains the purchase.

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The Porsche 959 has an amazing reputation for being one of the greatest cars introduced in the ‘80s, and features a twin turbo engine that can go from 0 to 60 in just three seconds. Furthermore, the complications of getting a Porsche 959 into the United States makes it quite rare, justifying Bill Gates’ purchase even more.

Grand Bogue Caye Island

Like several other wealthy businessmen, Bill Gates purchased an entire private island. This one is located in Belize, a gorgeous tropical paradise, with forests, white-sand beaches, and some of the clearest water you can find.

Called the Grand Bogue Caye, the island has a $25 million value. If Bill Gates and his family want to have a beach party, this island will be quite handy indeed. Coupled with his ownership of a luxurious private jet, Bill Gates has the resources to plan the perfect weekend getaway.

Codex Leicester

The Codex Leicester, in addition to being high up on the list of most expensive items that Gates owns, may very well also be the most breathtaking historical artifact on this list. The Codex is a collection of scientific writings made by Leonardo da Vinci himself in the Renaissance Age.

Gates purchased the valuable manuscript for $30.8 million million to put in his collection of books, and it has been the envy of many collectors around the world. The work contains many areas of Leonardo da Vinci’s expertise, including astronomical theories, fossils, and plate tectonics. The writing is accompanied by many detailed sketches and drawings, making the book an exquisite work of art.

Lost on the Grand Banks Artwork

Bill Gates is the connoisseur of the rarest and most luxurious things in the world. In addition to owning a Leonardo da Vinci’s codex, he also owns several famous paintings by elite artists from different eras. One of the most valuable paintings bought by Bill Gates is the Lost on the Grand Banks work done by American painter Winslow Homer.

The painting is much desired in the collector community, as it is one of the few marine works created by the artist. The oil on canvas art sold for over $30 million, and Gates keeps it at his Xanadu mansion as part of the mechanical rotating art display.

Huge Home Library

Lastly, we’ll be finishing today’s list with something every house needs: a 2,100 square foot library full of a vintage selection of books. Not only can you relax in a cozy overstuffed armchair while reading your favorite novel, but you can also explore the two secret bookcases, one of which hides a fully stocked bar to provide you with drinks as you read.

The high ceilings and classic decor brings in just the right amount of quaint atmosphere to the room. Since Gates’ collection features quite a few rare artifacts, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s codex, it’s no surprise that the total value for all the books is estimated to be $60 million.

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