Inglis response to ABC 7.30 Report

Inglis  response to ABC 7.30 Report
In response to last night’s disturbing story on the ABC’s 7.30 Report regarding horse welfare, Australia’s leading thoroughbred auction house Inglis condemns the alleged actions of animal mistreatment.

The alleged vision shown was appalling and the abattoirs involved need to be investigated ASAP and held to account.

Cruelty towards any type of animal is totally unacceptable and we will do whatever we can to assist at an industry level to stop the practices shown in this television program.

The horse welfare programs introduced by regulators almost three years ago are a step in the right direction but need to be better supported and enforced by all industry participants and the general public who take possession of retired racehorses and use them for a wide range of pursuits.

Proactive initiatives including re-homing programs are fantastic but clearly there is still a lot more work to do to keep track of racehorses when they are retired.

The fact that 1% of all prizemoney in NSW is allocated to welfare programs is a good start and gives the industry funds to improve this situation.

Racing NSW has purchased property throughout NSW to facilitate the re-education of retired racehorses and Racing Victoria has developed a network of trainers to re-educate horses for re-homing. Both programs have merit and will help minimise wastage in the future.

As an auction house, Inglis sets a minimum bid price when we offer horses for sale to help prevent horses that pass through our operations from ending up in the wrong hands, and we do not sell to abattoirs nor allow any of their trucks onto our property.

We have also supported a number of off the track projects over the past few years, sponsoring thoroughbred classes to encourage the broader uptake of thoroughbreds as equestrian horses.

Our website is also used to help rehome racehorses off the track into equestrian homes.

We also believe abattoirs and similar operations need to be more diligently regulated by government to ensure they operate humanely in relation to all animals.

The conduct of the alleged staff working in these facilities shown on The 7.30 Report is totally unacceptable.

For more information please contact Inglis Managing Director Mark Webster on 02 9399 7999.
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