Indocan Resources (IDCN) Licensed to Grow Industrial Hemp

Indocan Resources (IDCN) Licensed to Grow Industrial Hemp

Indocan Resources (OTCPNK:IDCN) Licensed to Grow Industrial Hemp


  • Indocan received a “Fit For Commerce Certificate” from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture on its harvested hemp crop. Potency test results were extremely positive. An independent test agency reported that Indocan’s hemp tested among the highest CBD levels in Southern Wisconsin.
  • Due to positive potency test results, Indocan’s hemp plant byproduct will be extracted for oil.
  • The company’s plant buds will be offered for sale on the website in the near future.
  • Indocan has announced its 1st product sale, its revenue stream has begun and will be ongoing.

Indocan Resources, Inc. ((OTCPNK:IDCN) has been issued a license by the state of Wisconsin to grow industrial hemp. The license allows the company to grow and extract Cannabidiol (CBD), and to sell full plant extract for medicinal purposes.

Indocan is cultivates and is harvesting several hundred industrial hemp plants, some of which will be used for the extraction of CBD oil.

Further, the company plans to produce seeds for sale from our seed plot and clone other selected plants year-round at various grow facilities.

Indocan is harvesting its 1st growth and is in production

Indocan’s grinder/shredder arrived on Thursday, 8 November, and is already in use producing multiple products for sale as well as plant byproduct for oil extraction.

Plus, the company has purchased an Ultrasonic CBD extractor which is scheduled to arrive and be in use by the end of November. This machine will be used to extract essential oils from hemp and herbs grown by the company and herbs purchased from other companies.

The new extractor will be used both for its own product and for processing material for other growers in the region.

The Hemp Business Journal estimates that the CBD market will grow to $2.1-B in consumer sales by Y 2020 with $736-M of those sales coming from hemp based sources.

CBD is the Star of legal Cannabis

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp, which may do the following for users:

  1. Reduce Pain & Inflammation
  2. Treat Seizures, Acne, & Insomnia
  3. Reduce Anxiety & Depression
  4. Relieve Nausea & Stimulate Appetite
  5. Provide an antidote to the opioid epidemic

For photos of the Indocan Farm and more information go to the company’s website here:

Of Contact the Company’s President Kenneth Ash

401 Ocean Drive, Emerald Isle, North Carolina 28594, USA

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