Impeachment is All About Stopping ‘The Trump Economy’

Impeachment is All About Stopping ‘The Trump Economy’

The Pelosi/Schiff House led impeachment investigation Vs President Donald Trump is all about the collapsing the economy.

“This economy is the best economy in 30 years,” Christopher Ruddy said in a TV interview Thursday, referencing the insights of Yale economist Robert Shiller.

“He is not known for being a Republican,” Mr. Ruddy said. “An incredible mind.”

Mr. Shiller, a Nobel laureate, said at the weekend that a recession might be years away because President Trump was creating an environment conducive to strong consumer spending a major force that should hold off a recession.

Mr. Shiller cautioned that the President must get beyond the Democratic impeachment inquiry before the nation’s financial markets took off.

He says Donald Trump is single-handedly defeating the idea of recession, because he’s such a strong advocate for the economic expansion,” Mr. Ruddy said of Mr. Shiller’s forecasts.

The public has a lot of confidence, the business community and the consumers.

The Democrats are a wrecking ball to this,” he observed. “They do not want this to continue.

“You would think they would want to support the idea of economic expansion and low unemployment [they do not]

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