Illegal Immigration, a Key “Plank” in GOP Platform

Illegal Immigration, a Key “Plank” in GOP Platform

Illegal Immigration, a Key “Plank” in GOP Platform

The Government Reform Subcommittee of the full Republican Platform Committee Monday voted overwhelmingly to keep most of the party’s Y 2012 positions in place, plus.

The panel toughened the GOP stand on illegal immigration by including in its official Manifesto an endorsement of Donald Trump’s call to “Build the Wall” along the Southern border of the US with Mexico.

“It was an emphatic endorsement of building the wall along the Southern part of the US,” Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a subcommittee member and leading expert of illegal immigration, said. “And I mean a real wall, not a fake wall of barbed wire and helicopter patrols.”

Mr. Kobach wrote much of the immigration plank in the 2012 Platform.

Before the subcommittee met Monday morning, he pointed out that “most of the language in the drafts that members were presented prior to their subcommittee meetings included major proportions of the illegal immigration in the 2012 Platform.

But throughout the morning’s hearings, there were examples of subcommittee members toughening the Republicans stand on the issue.

Notably, 1 subcommittee member moved to remove words of support for English as “the official language” and offered alternate language that would not upset Hispanic-American voters by suggesting they could not speak their native tongue.

Mr. Kobach argued that the Republican Party “should never suggest we back off making English the official language of the US. In so doing, he explained, “making it the official language has an impact only on communication in government. It certainly does not dictate to anyone how they communicate with one another or in their homes.”

The subcommittee also approved platform “planks” condemning US President Hussein Obama’s executive orders that brought about amnesty for illegal immigrants and called for the federal government to cut back on the number of Green Cards it issues to permit foreigners to work in the US.

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