“Immigration Fixed in 15 Mins if Congress Did Its Job”

“Immigration Fixed in 15 Mins if Congress Did Its Job”

Moving asylum seekers to sanctuary cities around the country is an option “under review” at the White House because Congress is not doing its job to fix immigration laws.

In a TV interview Sunday, White House Press Secretary Sanders said the idea got rejected at a “staff level’ meeting but is back on the table at President Donald Trump’s request.

Until we can fix the crisis at the border we have to look at all options,” Ms. Sanders said of President Trump’s idea to transport asylum seekers to cities that have policies protecting illegal immigrants.

“This is one of them. Whether or not it moves forward, that is yet to be determined. This was raised at a staff level initially and pushed back on. The president wants us to [consider it] again so that is being done and they’re doing a complete and thorough review.”

She added it would take “15 minutes” to fix illegal immigration if only Congress would sit down with President Trump and “just come up with the best solutions so that we do not have to do this.”

It seems so basic and yet Congress refuses to want to spend all of its time …attacking the President, investigating the President on these taxpayer-funded fishing expeditions that are completely outrageous, completely baseless, instead of doing their job,” she said.

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