Illegal Immigrants in the US are Being Offered Anti-Deportation Training

Illegal Immigrants in the US are Being Offered Anti-Deportation Training

Illegal Immigrants in the US are Being Offered Anti-Deportation Training

They are being taught the following 1st:

  1. Do not open the front door if federal immigration officials knock.
  2. If taken into custody, tell them your name and nothing else.
  3. Do not sign anything.

That is some of the advice being given in New York City, Los Angeles and around our country at training sessions, put on by advocacy organizations in some church halls, aimed at helping immigrants living in the country illegally get in as little trouble as possible if they encounter US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

This is called “know your rights” training (what rights?), the sessions have been pushed by some groups as a way to prepare for a possible crackdown on illegal immigration under President Donald Trump.

The idea, organizers say, is to give immigrants guidance on how to push back against attempts to detain them, mostly using tactics designed to keep ICE agents from learning anything they do not already know.

True, the government cannot deport someone unless they can prove they are in the US illegally, but criminals cannot legally obstruct justice.

Even people in the country illegally have some rights under our constitutional rights, such as not being subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures, not answering questions and not signing any documents without speaking with a lawyer.

The guidance mirrors what criminal defense attorneys have long been telling clients.

Other advice is:

  1. Make sure any warrants presented have the right name and addresses and are signed by a judge.
  2. Do not volunteer information.
  3. Do not show the agents any fake documents, doing so is a crime that could land them in deeper trouble.
  4. Plan for the worst.

In Los Angeles, the executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, said his organization is trying to train more people to conduct know-your-rights presentations at schools and churches to keep up with rising community demand.

The NY organization Make the Road has been getting calls from churches and other institutions like a local hospital to come and give the training in those places for their staffs and clients.

The atmosphere is fearful, as it should be for illegal aliens in our country.

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