IG Horowitz’s Report on FBI Critical of Senior Members of ‘The Bureau’

IG Horowitz’s Report on FBI Critical of Senior Members of ‘The Bureau’

IG Horowitz’s Report on FBI Critical of Senior Members of ‘The ‘Bureau

An upcoming report from the Justice Department’s internal watchdog, IG Michael Horowitz, is said to criticize senior FBI leaders for not moving quickly enough to review a huge cache of Hillary Clinton e-Mails discovered late in the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

The FBI’s timing has been a sore point for Clinton supporters, who say then-director James Comey’s announcement of the review less than 2 weeks before the 8 November 2016, election contributed to her loss.

The Bureau’s findings affirming their decision not to pursue criminal charges against Mrs. Clinton were disclosed 2 days before the vote, and too late, her supporters say, to undo the damage.

Some FBI officials knew in September 2016 of the e-Mails on former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) laptop but the bureau did not obtain a warrant to review them until the following month.

Mrs. Clinton’s supporters say the candidate’s name could have been cleared much faster if the FBI acted on the e-Mails as soon as they knew about them.

An Inspector General report examining a broad range of FBI actions during the Clinton e-Mail investigation will criticize officials, including Mr. Comey, for not moving fast enough to examine the email trove and for a weeks-long delay in getting a warrant.

A lawyer for James Comey and spokespeople for the Inspector General and the FBI all declined to comment Monday.

The report will likely revive scrutiny of the FBI’s handling of the Clinton case and the extent to which it helped shape the outcome of the Presidential election.

The watchdog has been pulled into the political arena, on demands to investigate Justice Department actions in the early stages of the FBI’s probe of possible coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Sunday, the Justice Department asked the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, to expand his existing investigation to look into whether President Trump’s associates were improperly monitored during the campaign for political reasons.

A draft of the report has been completed, and officials whose actions are scrutinized in it have been permitted with their lawyers to review it and respond to the findings. The final version is expected out next month.

Stay tuned…

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