If You Do Find Yourself in Central Paris, Here Are a Few Superb Places to Dine

If You Do Find Yourself in Central Paris, Here Are a Few Superb Places to Dine

Temples of haute cuisine, bistros guaranteed to stand the test of time, out-of-the-way boîtes where you are unlikely to see or bump into another tourist.

The gastronomic excellence in Paris is unrivaled, renowned for its elegance and sophistication.

From Michelin-starred palaces to Parisian barges, here is my selection of a few of the best restaurants in Paris, where meals become artistic masterpieces wonderful to eat.

Guy Savoy’s restaurant at the Top of the list, it has been hailed as the “best in the world”. The chef, who trained superstar chef Gordon Ramsay, owns the Guy Savoy restaurant located on the Left Bank of the River Seine. One of his Key principles is that “man is wholly connected to his physical surroundings”, and so should only ever savour what is seasonally available. Make sure to try their oysters ‘Huîtres en nage glacée’. The main reason this restaurant has been picked as 1 of the best comes down to the breathtaking presentation that points to an unquestioned mastery of technique.

Le DALI at the Maurice: Le Meurice is 1 of the most elegant hotels in the world, oozing 18th-Century opulence, with their Salvador Dalí restaurant a pure luxury. It was named in his honor as he once demanded a herd of sheep be brought to his room, believe it or not. Another time, he settled on a a horse. And he once asked the staff to capture flies for him from the Tuileries next door, paying them 5 francs per fly. Le Meurice’s 2 Michelin-starred restaurant is keen on conserving this humorous legacy through its dining experience.

Le George: On the Champs-Elysées is the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel George V, reigning with luxury since Y 1928. Its Michelin-starred restaurant, Le George, offers a light Mediterranean-style cuisine, whisking away guests on a journey from the French Riviera to northern Italy. Gazing over the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and the Grand Palais, these delicate dishes are designed for sharing, bursting with flavor and freshness. Simone Zanoni says a dish is made memorable “when you have put your heart into it and created a journey of flavors”. Thousands of fresh flowers that brighten the palatial building as an extra.

Le Cinq, headed by chef Christian Le Squer, has 3 Michelin sStars. This restaurant is swathed in gold, but there is a uniqueness that makes this venue stand out. Le Cinq has shifted towards sustainable eco-friendly approaches, a first in the world of luxury food. The head chef, Christian Le Squer, is committed to protecting the oceans, and has developed approaches to minimizing food waste. This is in addition to his commitment to sourcing locally and seasonality, working with the seasons for inspiration rather than against them. Thus, promising a plate bursting with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

La Novuelle Seine: You do not just have to dine in Michelin-starred restaurants to discover the fine pleasures of fine dining in Paris, and La Nouvelle Seine is a example. The Key reason why this restaurant is so renowned need not necessarily stem from the seafood it serves. Rather, this barge-restaurant is a long-held favorite as it is in a brilliant location beneath the dramatic architecture of Notre Dame. Not many venues can offer such a unique view of the City of Lights, not enough, there a varied program of theater that ranges from comedy to cabaret to keep patrons entertained.

Café De Flore: Paris is steeped in literary history as a City that conjures up countless names of famous writers. And so it only makes sense for at least 1 venue to make this list because of its link to literature. Café de Flore, located on the Boulevard Ste. Germain (feature picture) is a must-visit for anyone with a love for culture. The café used to serve the cultural elite, including writers, philosophers, and artists such as Pablo Picasso, but most famously, Simone de Beauvoir penned her novel, The Blood of Others, at one of its tables over her regular breakfast. When dining here within its lavish interiors, you never know which ghostly, literary legends might be sitting on the table opposite yours.

Be careful, Be safe, Paris is still in Chaos.

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