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“I am Sick of China, the Tariffs Stay”–President Trump


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President Trump vows to keep the pressure on China with tariffs if he is elected to a 2nd term.

Well, I’m going to use tariffs on China, because they want to take them off,” President Trump said in a TV interview, referring to the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket’s trade plans. “We’re getting billions of dollars.

President Trump pointed to China’s targeting of American farmers in trade, noting he worked to help farmers during the de facto trade war, giving the struggling industry a $28-B bailout paid for by the tariffs on Chinese goods and having “tens of billions” left over.

I gave all of the money to the farmers and we had tens of billions left over, which goes into the Treasury,” President Trump added.

President Trump said China reneged on his 1st trade deal before agreeing to a smaller deal focused on aiding American farmers and manufacturing. Still, China is work hard to try to smooth over battered relations.

Two weeks ago they made the largest order of corn in history, the largest order of soybeans in history, because they want to keep me happy,” President Trump said. “Because they know that I’m a hair trigger when it comes to them, and I’m sick of them.

Everything that we have, we have that COVID, the China virus because of them. You look back at other infections that we have gotten because of them, this is not the 1st time.”

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