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“I am a fortunate man, I can Write Love Songs”– Paul McCartney


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Paul McCartney is 1 of the greatest songwriters of all time, many are romantic in nature.

Mr. McCartney admits he does not know “what’s going on” most of the time when it comes to his marriage. The former Beatle made the confession in an interview with the NY-Ts published Sunday.

Mr. McCartney has been married to his 3rd wife Nancy Shevell for 9 yrs says in his experience there is no difference.

It’s always a splendid puzzle,” he said. “Even though I write love songs, I don’t think I know what’s going on. It would be great if it was smooth and wonderful all the time, but you get pockets of that, and sometimes it’s — you could be annoying. To Nancy I’m pretty complex, with everything I have been through.”

I have done music all my life,” he said. “I have had huge success, and people often try to do what I want, so you get a false feeling of omnipotence. All that together makes a complex person. We are all complex. Well, maybe I am more complex than other people because of coming from poverty.”

Mr. McCartney discussed his songwriting ability. Referencing his single “Bip Bop” from the Y 1971 album “Wild Life,” the iconic songwriter admitted a good melody did not necessarily make a good song.

“‘Bip Bop’ is not lyrically stunning. I was always embarrassed about that song,” he noted. Despite this, friends and fans strongly disagree, which just proves that one cannot anticipate what people will like in a song, he explained.

It is enough if I like it and enjoyed putting it on record and do not particularly want to think of any more lyrics,” Mr. McCartney said. “I do not want to sweat it. Sometimes maybe it would be better if I sweated it. Once or twice I tried to sweat it, and I hated it. It is like, what are you doing this for?”

When asked about his ability to write catchy tunes, McCartney added that he did not feel any closer to knowing where melodies came from.

There is something with my ability to write music that I do not think I am necessarily responsible for. It just seems to come easier to me, touch wood, than it does to some people,” he said. “That’s it. I am a fortunate man.”

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