Hussein Obama & Gang Created the Russia “Uproar”

Hussein Obama & Gang Created the Russia “Uproar”

Hussein Obama & Gang Created the Russia “Uproar”

New evidence came to light Monday when it was learned Susan Rice, national security adviser for former US President Barack Hussein Obama, now self-exiled in French Polynesia, “Unmasked” Team Trump associates in surveillance activities.

The revelation gives weight to the belief that Obama officials planned the current uproar over whether or not insiders in the administration of President Donald Trump colluded with Russians in phone conversations, a national newspaper stated in an editorial Monday.

While nothing has been confirmed about the allegation against Ms. Rice, the editorial stressed the disclosure or “Unmasking” of names was “perfectly legal” and had not revealed to date “that anyone on Team Trump said anything improper on those calls.”

The surveillance likely started a year ago with the motive of preventing Team Trump officials from disregarding any information the Intel revealed.

Unmasking the information makes it easier to spread, thereby making it easier to leak. That, the newspaper said, “Broke the Spirit of the Laws” protecting privacy.

The leaks have actually not proved to be a large issue for President Trump, and has not hobbled our President on initiatives in his agenda. The White House has captured the news cycle and deflected any claims about charges made against his administration.

You recall that it was Ms. Rice in her role as Mr. Hussein Obama’s national security advisor who spread the false information about a video causing the Y 2012 attack in Benghazi, leading the editorial to conclude she “certainly was not politically naïve about the political uses of intelligence information.”

Which now we know why House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) revealed that Trump officials had been surveilled by Obama.

The newspaper editorial defined the 2 issues involved from the surveillance: “Russian meddling in the election which is fake, and the Obama Gang’s efforts to sabotage Team Trump.”

Stay tuned…

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