Hurricane Florence from the International Space Station

Hurricane Florence from the International Space Station

Hurricane Florence from the International Space Station

  • Hurricane Florence is predicted to slam into the US East Coast as an “extremely dangerous major hurricane” overnight Thursday.
  • The storm may stall over South Carolina and North Carolina, dump several feet of rain, and trigger widespread floods.
  • A camera aboard the International Space Station recorded video of Hurricane Florence Wednesday morning, when it was about 500 mi offshore.
  • NASA called the footage “a stark and sobering view” of the storm.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) predicts that Florence’s outer bands and tropical-force winds will begin to arrive Thursday morning, with the rest of the storm plowing through the area through the weekend.

Florence’s predicted path as of Wednesday has it making landfall on the South Carolina coast, just south of North Carolina. The NHC says the storm may push a “life-threatening” surge of seawater ashore into these and other areas.

However, the storm is 500-600 mi wide and may stall over several states. The NHC says this may bring widespread and potentially “catastrophic” flooding far inland, since forecasters predict Florence may dump several feet of rain on some areas of the East Coast.

On Wednesday morning, a high-definition video camera outside of the International Space Station recorded footage of Hurricane Florence.

The camera “captured a stark and sobering view” of the storm below “as it churned across the Atlantic with winds of 130 mi an hour,” NASA said on Twitter.

The clip above is sped up roughly 18 times, while the original footage that NASA uploaded to Twitter and YouTube lasts more than 3 mins.

An astronaut in space also photographed Florence and 2 other major storms in the Atlantic Ocean Monday.

The space station flies over Earth from an altitude of about 250 mi. The football-field-size laboratory moves at a clip of roughly 17,500 mph to stay in constant free-fall around the planet.

Stay tuned…

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