How To Keep Your Eyebrows Groomed at Home – Professionally

How To Keep Your Eyebrows Groomed at Home – Professionally

1. Shape The Brow

To shape your eyebrows it is easier to use an eyebrow razor.

Or you could stick to the old fashioned tweezers.

Now again, only do this if you know how to draw on eyebrows nicely!

Use the razor and shape off the parts of your eyebrow that you don’t like, this is usually the parts that you would cover with concealer, the eyebrow bone, the uni-brow section and clean up on top of the eyebrow a little.

Don’t make your eyebrows too thin. And don’t go all out on the first try. Work your way slowly to a shape you like. So clean it up a little today than next time clean it up a little bit more if you want too. Don’t go sar far with the cleaning that you regret it, or the dye won’t have anything to take affect one!

After you have shaved or plucked your eyebrows, comb them up with an eyebrows brush and cut whatever comes above the eyebrow shape.

There you go, your ready to tint!

2. Tint Your Eyebrows

The eyebrows frame the face. You may not think it, but when you look someone in the eyes, you subconsciously notice their eyebrows as well. It’s the closest part to the eyes that tell us, is this person clean, hygienic, groomed, well taken care of, and pretty even.

For blondes, it’s important to tint the eyebrows a slightly darker color that way they are more noticeable. For Brunettes, its important to make sure you keep up with those stray hairs, as they are more noticeable than for blondes.

How to do this at home: (Only do this if you know how to draw on eyebrows… nicely!)
Buy a men’s hair or beard dye that is reusable. It usually comes in 2 tubes. Mix a small amount of both tubes on a surface that wont stain.
Use a designated or clean eyebrow brush to apply the mixture onto your clean, plucked eyebrows. Apply it the same way you would want your eyebrows to look. Do not let any get outside of the eyebrow shape you want, because this stains your skin (temporarily).
There you go, you have tinted your eyebrows at home, easy and cheap because you can reuse the colour.

Reminder: Test the dye on your skin before applying it to your eyebrows. Some people are allergic to dye.

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