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How to Catch the Lying, Cheating Mother [email protected]#%~>.


Elite private investigator, and author of “How to Catch the Lying, Cheating Mother [email protected]#%~>.”  Brian Wellington, PhD, discusses in his new book why so many couples have found sex and love outside of their relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic. A desire to regain control, fear, and the inability to deal with oneself all play a role. The book is for anyone that’s dating, married, or in a sexual relationship. It takes readers on an extraordinary journey into the mind of a cheater to understand their psychology. The film rights to the book have already been acquired by Bungalow Bay Productions.

Catch them in the act
Catch them in the act
9 out of 10 women get cheated on.
9 out of 10 women get cheated on.

“Most men and women have no idea their partner is cheating, largely because they fail to recognize the subtle signs and do not know how to uncover the affair,” said Wellington.

Wellington is uniquely qualified to write such an in-depth exploration. He’s been the preeminent private investigator in the world for 25 years, specializing in cases of infidelity. With a PhD in psychology and a gift for private investigations, it’s enabled Wellington to catch more cheaters than any PI currently in the business. His client list encompasses celebrities, dignitaries, and high-profile individuals.

“How to Catch the Lying, Cheating Mother [email protected]#%~>” is the most comprehensive book ever written about cheating. Readers will learn how to identify the three warning signs of a cheater, think like them, and catch them in the act of their infidelity. Destined to be a best-seller, the book explains in clear language how the unfaithful plot and plan to execute their clandestine activities.

Wellington’s book provides a wealth of information. Individuals will discover the one thing cheaters always say, the body language associated with lying, and elaborate dramas in which cheaters engage.

Wellington presents simple tests and questions utilized by the FBI and CIA to detect lying. The author’s book is unique in that it approaches cheating from a psychological perspective. It’s important to understand how the mind of a cheater works before they can be caught. The book is an essential tool for identifying those that are most likely to cheat before entering into a relationship with them.

Brian Wellington provides readers with information based on established psychological practices. There are more ways than one to be an unfaithful partner, particularly in a digital era. Wellington helps readers identify and catch physical, emotional, and high-tech cheaters.

For more information, visit: https://www.catchingthecheater.com

About Brian Wellington

Brian Wellington holds a PhD in psychology and is one of the world’s foremost private investigators. He regularly lectures law enforcement personnel on how to recognize lies during interrogations and instructs other private investigators on how to catch lying, cheating spouses. He’s the author of “How to Catch the Lying, Cheating Mother [email protected]#%~>” and specializes in infidelity cases. Wellington has been involved in some of the most high-profile cases and scandals that include celebrities, politicians, and dignitaries.  

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