How to and Where to Buy Bitcoins

How to and Where to Buy Bitcoins

How to and Where to Buy Bitcoins


Cryptocurrencies have been met with skepticism, Warren Buffett and JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon, both have rebuked it.

The Bitcoin investing has cooled, but its future is bright.

The Big Q: So how exactly do you go about getting a piece of the digital age currency?

  1. How do I buy Bitcoin? The digital currency is purchased digitally. There’s no shortage of digital exchanges and marketplaces, like Gemini or Changelly, which are both dedicated to exchanging cryptocurrency.
  2. Where do I buy Bitcoin? Not from a broker. You control Bitcoin transactions from your Smartphone with free apps like Coinbase, LibertyX or Cash App, which all allow you to buy Bitcoin. You can even blend 20th and 21st-Century banking by visiting one of the over 3,400 Bitcoin ATMs located around the US and the world. Once you’ve purchased your Bitcoin, it will be stored in your virtual wallet. Whether you decide to hang on to it or spend it on a spree, there’s a growing list of retailers that now accept Bitcoin as tender.
  3. How do I pay for Bitcoin? Buy with cash, debit, wire transfer or other cryptocurrencies. You name it, as long as it’s legal tender, it is probably accepted.
  4. How much does Bitcoin cost? The price of Bitcoin, like all cryptocurrencies, is market dependent, meaning the price is dictated by the economic principles of scarcity, utility, supply and demand.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at 7,414.9951,+65.00, or +0.88%, as of 1:59a BST, the market is open.

Stay tuned…

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