How Far South is China’s Rapid Growth Slowdown Headed?

How Far South is China’s Rapid Growth Slowdown Headed?

The growing mystery of where China’s rapid slowdown is headed may become the biggest risk on the horizon.

The world economy.

Recession Watch: The global economy’s in its weakest shape since the financial crisis 10 years ago.

China got more affirming evidence of its Big slowdown, with industrial output and retail sales softening and a jump in unemployment.

The Big China Qs: How big big will China’s slowdown will be, and what China’s stimulus and the US-China negotiations will do to halt it.

Friday, the Chinese premier pledged that they would not use QE (quantitative easing) or massive deficit spending to ease the pain.

Japan got more bad news on manufacturing sentiment and in the hard investment data.

Germany, Europe’s growth driver, cannot hide from the external risks. And Turkey just entered its 1st recession in 10 yrs.

Low inflation continues to confuse the world’s central bankers.

The Fed’s Chairman, Jerome Powell, offered some fresh relief for global peers in reiterating his understanding of the word “patience.”

Bank of Japan held interest rates Friday and downgraded their economic assessment.
The BOJ offered longer-term cautionary outlooks for other central banks as they foresee the next downturn.

Savvy observers see room for stimulus as the Fed and ECB turn Dovish.

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