House Intel Committee, “President Trump Did Not Collude with Russia”

House Intel Committee, “President Trump Did Not Collude with Russia”

House Intel Committee, “President Trump Did Not Collude with Russia”

The US Congress, in the course of an investigation allegedly taking place, of intervening in the presidential election in Y 2016, found no evidence of collusion between US President Donald Trump and Russia.

US President Donald Trump reacted to the House Intelligence Committee’s finding his campaign did not collude with Russia by repeating the news in all caps on his Twitter account.

Rep. Mike Conaway, (R-TX), is a member of the panel and said Monday evening the investigation has ended with no evidence of collusion. That a deceleration President Trump himself has made over and over again.

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation is still ongoing, as is the Department of Justice probe spearheaded by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Evidence has been made public that shows Russia tried to influence the 2016 US Presidential election, but no signs President Trump and/or members of his campaign worked with the Russians to help defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton have publicly emerged.

It is unclear how much longer Mr. Mueller’s Russia investigation will last, although many savvy observers believe it is very close to shutting down, or being shut down.

Stay tuned…

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