House Democrats Pumped-Up Claims in FISA Memo

House Democrats Pumped-Up Claims in FISA Memo

House Democrats Pumped-Up Claims in FISA Memo

Wednesday, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) accused Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and other Dems on the House Intelligence Committee of intentionally “amplifying” their memo on the FBI’s surveillance methods to lead to a situation in which President Donald Trump would have no choice but to block its release.

“I think he wrote this specifically for the purpose of getting into this situation,” the Mr. DeSantis said in an interview.

“They intentionally put a lot of footnotes, amplifying in a way that [Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin] Nunes did not.”

Chairman Nunes’ memo was written with a plan of eventually releasing it, said Mr. DeSantis, and there was not a lot of information put in it.

“It was a lot of factual statements,” said Mr. DeSantis of the Republican plan. “That memo was written with an eye towards eventually releasing it to the public. They weren’t putting a lot of extra information or amplifying information.”

Mr. Schiff, however, “knew what he was doing,” said Mr. DeSantis. “He wanted to get in this situation where he can accuse other people of trying to cover this up. But I think it should be released, whatever redaction’s need to be made. I don’t think it will alter what they are arguing.”

Mr. DeSantis said he does think the Democratic memo will be seen, after it goes through a process.

“The main omission they objected to was that Nunes should have put in [theirs] that Christopher Steele had been a credible source in the past,” said Mr. DeSantis. “That may be somewhat relevant but not crucial to what the Nunes memo was trying to show.”

Meanwhile, the FBI could not point to a “single inaccuracy” in the Republican memo, said Mr. DeSantis.

“They said there should have been more in it,” the lawmaker said. “They’re the ones who refused to provide all the underlying documents to the Congress. We’ve been asking for that for months.”

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