Hottest Instagram this Week Caitlyn Rose

Hottest Instagram this Week Caitlyn Rose

Hottest Instagram this Week Caitlyn Rose


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C A I T L Y N ? R O S E
Model + Digital Content Marketing Badassery ??
E N J O Y T H E R I D E ??
? : #tech #fashion #fitness #beauty

From Caitlyn herself

I’m Caitlyn Rose, a Miami-turned-LA style blogger trying to do it all, and the force of nature behind Creation Despite.

I’ve always been just a little too preoccupied with fashion… noting what worked and what didn’t, competitive price points, and how different trends translated on me, a dynamic woman in real life.

Out of my struggles with skin problems evolved a profound appreciation for makeup with a focus on natural beauty, organic skincare, and vegan beauty products.

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Furthermore, the context of my story as a millennial is marked by the technological revolution and all of the innovation it’s fostered.

Technology has ushered a new era of entrepreneurship and with it, new frontiers to explore in fashion tech & beauty technology.

Although I’m a digital marketer by trade, my deliberate writing style and eye for quality have always made me think of myself as more of a creative than an entrepreneur.

Throughout my life, I’ve had to adapt to a variety of dress codes from my junior high school uniform to casual tech start-up to the more formal environments of an international corporation.

I’ve always seen the dress code as more of a set of constraints than rules to be complied with – I guess I’m still rebelling.

Day to day, I’m consuming and creating a lot of content about the things I love and know best:

Style, beauty, technology, money, entrepreneurship, and everything else that excites me!

In the next few years, you can expect me to bring a mobile app and an off-fashion clothing brand to market.

Long term, I intend to open a non-profit animal rescue and to offer a full scholarship for women in technology.

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