Horse Racing: The World’s Most Complex Team Sport

Horse Racing: The World’s Most Complex Team Sport

Horse Racing: The World’s Most Complex Team Sport

My contribution to the Horsetech Conference Market Report, the full report covers everything from diet, medicine and psychology and is a must read for any one in the industry.

As the victor returns to the winners circle and the proud connections pose for their photo, what you see is literally the tip of a monumental iceberg. Horse, Jockey, Trainer, Owner, the traditional quartet of glory represents a tiny fraction of the number of people that have worked to create that victory.

It began many years before, with the purchase or breeding of the mare and the subsequent selection of a stallion, along the way there well might have been pedigree analysts, bloodstock agents, there were without doubt farms and their staff, auctioneers, sales-preppers, vets, dentists, farriers, breakers, pre-trainers and list goes on.

So many critical decisions would have been made from inception to race day it boggles the mind, and to think that most of those decisions were made without record is astounding.

It is at this point, in our opinion, that success and failure separate, this is the fork in the road that creates successful teams and transient owners. The knowledge base of what works and what doesn’t, that combination of art and science that has given rise to organizations like Coolmore, Godolphin and Winstar. While many will dismiss those 3 by saying “well they have so much money they can buy success” that is a fallacy, take a look at the number of $1m horse purchased over the last 5 years by other people and you will see the vast majority of them failed.

Being in control of the process and systems from start to finish with a reference library of knowledge that has been created over time with a great deal of experimentation and expense makes a distinct difference in success rates.

Managing this plethora of people that are involved in the life of a horse falls initially on the owner, and being a good manager is not an easy task, using the above 3 again as the example you have 2 billionaire businessmen and a man who almost singlehandedly transformed a nation, in short, very good managers.

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The HorseTech Conferences provide immersive opportunities to learn from and network with leaders from the global Sport Horse industry who are utilising technology to advance the welfare, breeding and training of Champions.

The inaugural meeting was hosted by The Royal Veterinary College in October 2017, this was followed by the second meeting held at the Dubai World Trade Centre during the Dubai International Horse Fair, (15-17th March 2018) and we’re now finalising the  HorseTech Market Report (a collaboratively produced free resource that will provide an invaluable overview of this exciting industry) and will then be announcing details of the next unmissable Conference and VIP HorseTech Tour – to be held in Ireland later this year.

The HorseTech Conference is live streamed free online and you can click here to watch and share HD video recordings of all the presentations from the inaugural Conference (unfortunately there have been some delays and videos from the Dubai Conference are still being translated/uploaded).

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