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Hong Kong Protesters Bombarded Government Buildings with ‘Molotov Cocktails’


Thousands of protesters clad in black masks, caps and shades to obscure their identity, ran through the streets of Hong Kong setting street fires and blocking roads in the heart of the city.

Authorities moved quickly to douse the fires and police fired volleys of tear gas to disperse protesters, including in the bustling shopping and tourist district of Causeway Bay.

Violence erupted in the district of Fortress Hill as men in white T-shirts, some wielding rods, clashed with anti-government activists.

A heavy police presence could be seen in and around subway stations. Rail operator MTR Corp has become a prime target of vandalism, with activists angry that it closes stations during protests and prevents demonstrators from gathering.

Shops in Key protest areas once again shuttered early as more than 3 months of demonstrations continued to take a toll on business.

The Airport Authority said Sunday passenger numbers fell 12.4% Y-Y in August to 6-M. Protesters last month jammed the airport arrivals hall, leading to canceled or delayed flights as they sought to draw world attention to their fight for independence from Mainland China.

But while chaotic scenes of protesters clashing with police have been beamed live to the world life for many in the Chinese-ruled territory proceeds relatively normally.

While the turnout Sunday was smaller than previous weekends, the unrest underscores the defiance of many activists.

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