Donald Trump, “Hillary Speaks, Bill Sleeps”

Donald Trump, “Hillary Speaks, Bill Sleeps”

Donald Trump, “Hillary Speaks, Bill Sleeps”

Donald Trump’s campaign released a video Friday showing former President William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton dozing off during his wife’s speech Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention.

“Even Bill is tired of the lies, SAD!” Trump said in an Instagram post that featured the new ad.

With loud circus music playing in the background, the spot shows a weary looking Bill Clinton sitting next to Vice Presidential nom Tim Kaine (D:VA) inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia with his eyes closed and his head tilted back.

“Everybody was tired of the lies during Crooked Hillary’s speech,” the ad begins before showing the footage

Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday was good if you do not live in the real world and after analyzing it, all that’s left is she’s a woman and not Presidential material.

When we compare with what she said with reality, we see how flawed she is and that she cannot be victorious in her quest for the Oval Office.

The basis of Hillary’s anti-Donald Trump campaign is not based on disagreements with his plans. It is based on style and on fluff. And her saying, “Oh God we can’t put up with that man.”

All that know Hillary “Missy” Clinton know that she is a misanthrope, she is anti-social, hates men and The People (thinks voters are stupid).

Trumpeting for Trump

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