Hillary R. Clinton Lost, She Was an Awful Candidate

Hillary R. Clinton Lost, She Was an Awful Candidate

Hillary R. Clinton Lost, She Was an Awful Candidate

Hillary Clinton lost the US Presidential election because she was a terrible candidate, not because of Russian involvement, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said in a TV interview Friday..

Mr. Bongino said Hillary Clinton’s complaints about losing to Donald Trump because of outside factors are efforts to save herself and The Clinton Foundation, which is doomed no matter what she tries.

“Hillary Clinton was probably the worst Democratic candidate we have had for President since Walter Mondale. She was awful,” Mr. Bongino said. “Everywhere she fought Donald Trump 1 on 1 in the Electoral College strategy, which is the only strategy to win by the way. Everywhere she lost.

“Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, she was awful and she’s looking for an excuse to salvage her career and salvage the Clinton Foundation.”

Mr. Bongino added that President Barack Hussein Obama’s refusal to take action against Russian hacking during his presidency led to the alleged hacks of Democratic computers during this year’s election cycle.

“Obama let it go because he needed leverage with the Russians and Iran and in Syria,” said Mr. Bongino, a contributing editor of Conservative Review.

“Obama did  not care about it then, but now all of a sudden that his chosen candidate Hillary Clinton gets smoked in the general election, now America should go to war with the Russians because they care so much now about Russian hacks. This is beyond absurd with them.”

Outgoing President Barack Hussein Obama described Moscow’s efforts as “not particularly sophisticated.

“This was not some elaborate complicated espionage scheme,” he added. “They hacked into some Democratic Party e-Mails that contained pretty routine stuff, some of it embarrassing or uncomfortable.

“There wasn’t anything particularly illegal or controversial about it,” he said.

Most keen political observers know that there is no  “love lost” between The Obama’s and The Clinton’s

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