Hillary Clinton’s Image Has Never Been Worse

Hillary Clinton’s Image Has Never Been Worse

Hillary Clinton’s Image Has Never Been Worse

Hillary Clinton is viewed unfavorably by 57% of Americans, an all-time worst in her political career and a deep drop from just 2 years ago, according to the latest Gallup poll.

Just 38% view Hillary Clinton favorably, compared to 55% in Y 2014, Gallup reported. Further, Mrs. Clinton’s image took a 3-point dive in just one month, down from 41% favorable in June.

Below are 4 Key points, as follows:

1. 68% say Clinton isn’t honest and trustworthy.

That is according to the CNN poll, and it is her worst number on record. It’s also up from 65% earlier this month and 59% in May.

Donald Trump now has a large lead on Hillary Clinton when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness.

The CBS poll has a similar number saying Clinton is dishonest: 67%.

2. Hillary Clinton’s image has never been worse.

CBS showed just 31% have favorable views of Mrs. Clinton and 56% have unfavorable ones. Even in Donald Trump’s worst days on the campaign trail, he has rarely dipped below a 31% favorable rating. Mrs. Clinton has hit that number a few times, but her negative-25 net favorable rating here is tied for the worst of her campaign, according to Huffington Post Pollster.

In the CNN poll, the 39% who say they have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton is lower than at any point in CNN’s regular polling since April 1992, when she was not even 1st Lady yet. Back then, the reason just 38% of people liked her was because many were unfamiliar with her. At the time, 39% were unfavorable and 23% had no opinion.

Clinton’s favorable rating in the CNN poll is currently 16 points net-negative. That’s unprecedented in the dozens of CNN polls on her since 1992.

Gallup’s new numbers Monday: 38% favorable and 57% unfavorable are also unprecedented over the course of Clinton’s political career.

This also appears to be the 1st time ever that her image measures worse than Donald Trump’s. It does so in both polls.

3. Just 38% would be “proud” to have her as President

That’s down from 55% in March 2015. Sixty percent say they would not be proud.

On this measure, she’s basically on the same footing as Donald Trump, whom 39% would be proud of and 59% would not be.

4. Nearly 50% of Democratic primary voters still want Bernie Sanders.

Mrs. Clinton dispatched with Bernie Sanders and now has his endorsement, but despite 9 in 10 consistent Senator Sanders supporters saying they will vote Clinton in November, many of them still pine for The Bern.

The CNN poll shows 45% of those who voted in Democratic primaries still say they wish it was the Vermont Senator. Just 49% say they prefer Mrs. Clinton, down from 55% a month ago.

Notably the Gallup reported that the only comparable election between 2 highly unpopular candidates was in Y 1992: Ross Perot, George H.W. Bush.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for continuing chaos in Washington, DC


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