Hillary Clinton’s ‘Deplorable’s’ Comment Sinking Her Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Deplorable’s’ Comment Sinking Her Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Deplorable’s’ Comment Sinking Her Campaign

US Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’ continuing attacks against her GOP rival Donald Trump’s supporters could is hurting her campaign as the 2 are headed for the Presidential debates in 10 day.

Barbara Streisand joined in with her mocking of Donald Trump.

Mrs. Clinton sparked an uproar in a speech last Friday, in which she called 50% of Donald Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables,” because they are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or Islamaphobic.

The comments came at a time when Donald Trump catching up in the polls, marked the 1st time in recent memory that a US Presidential candidate has attacked the opponent’s supporters rather than the opponent himself.

Such comments are hurting Mrs. Clinton, and in the upcoming Presidential debates that will start on 26 September, Donald Trump will have a chance to paint her as an elitist who is out of touch with America’s working class, the bulk of Donald Trump’ s supporters.

“Clinton’s remarks can be seen as elitist and classist, and that is the result of the hyperbole she used in her comments,” Dan Mahaffee, an analyst with the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, said Friday.

It never is a good idea to criticize voters, since they make the ultimate decision. It is better to focus on the candidate and complain about his deficiencies. Being negative in voters risks sounding elitist.

There is nothing for Mr.s Clinton to gain from her screeching outburst, Donald Trump has already put out an ad focusing on her ‘deplorables”comments.

Donald Trump will make this an issue in the campaign and Mrs. Clinton needs to explain why her policies will do more than Trump’s to help White, working class voters


Donald Trump has galvanized White blue collar workers like perhaps no other Republican candidate in recent memory, and he is making headway in the Black and Hispanic communities according to the latest polls.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Deplorable’s’ comment, lack of transparency, and debilitating health issues are sinking her campaign, serogates and media in panic mode.

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