Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, DNC Paid for Salacious Dossier on President Trump

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, DNC Paid for Salacious Dossier on President Trump

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, DNC Paid for Salacious Dossier on President Trump

They thought she would be elected and none of their criminality would be exposed, Wrong! 

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) paid for the research that became the infamous fake Russian dossier on President Donald Trump after the original Republican donor stopped funding it.

An unknown GOP donor 1st contracted Fusion GPS to do research on Donald Trump during the Republican primaries, but at some point stopped paying.

The Big Q: Who was that?

The Big A: We will know soon, the jungle telegraph is saying Jeb Bush et al.

Then lawyer Marc E. Elias, who represented Mrs. Clinton campaign and the DNC, stepped in with his law firm, Perkins Coie.

Fusion GPS hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to do the work, which began as a look into the billionaire real estate developers background, but turned to looking at President Trump’s private business ties with Russians.

Fusion GPS’s founders have refused to give testimony, taking the 5th, to the House Intelligence Committee on the matter.

The DNC paid them $3.6-M in “legal and compliance consulting,” it is not clear how much of that was related to Fusion GPS.

The anti-Trump work continued into October 2016, just days before the general election, which he won handily. shocking the Democrats and driving Mrs. Clinton into a reported drunken rage.

The FBI continued paying for the research after the election until Mr. Steele’s name was made public.

Mr. Steele’s reports were given to lawyer Elias, but it is not known how much of the information was passed on to Mrs. Clinton campaign or the DNC.

It is also not known which members of either organization were aware of Fusion GPS and Mr. Steele’s roles in the gathering the information.

It is not yet know how maverick ‘song bird’ Arizona GOP Senator John McCain got his hands on it.

The information in the report quickly circulated throughout Washington, DC circles, including among the media.

John McCain got a copy of it, and handed it over to the FBI who already had it, Humm.

Former FBI-Director James Comey presented Donald Trump with a summary of the findings in January 2017, and then the entire report was published.

President Trump demanded Saturday that information on who paid for the dossier be released.

The dossier has been a hot topic for months now.

Democrats have alleged collusion between members of  President Trump’s campaign staff and the Russian government, he has denied any ties.

Stay tuned…

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