Once Again Hillary Clinton is a “Shaky” Candidate for US President

Once Again Hillary Clinton is a “Shaky” Candidate for US President

Once Again Hillary Clinton is a “Shaky” Candidate for US President

Savvy analysts in the political press have outlined Key missteps that is sees a “sinking” Hillary Clinton in her quest to become President of the United States of America

They are, as follows:

  1. Taking Hispanic enthusiasm for granted
  2. Alienating America’s young voters
  3. Losing the establishment no-Trump Republicans to Donald Trump
  4. Weak on trade
  5. High on scandal
  6. Soft on honesty and trust

Mrs. Clinton is a “shaky” candidate with historically high negatives, the festering e-Mail scandal, and a hard charging, far left, primary opponent in Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT), whose supporters may become her worst nightmare at the convention in Philadelphia.

The basic math of a potential Hillary Clinton defeat is not in national polls, but in the Electoral College, and so then within each state’s unique demographics and culture.

Donald Trump does not need to dramatically remake the political map. He just needs garner a little more out of voters in some Key states, as Mrs. Clinton captures fewer in those same Key states.

How it might look on election night in November: Donald Trump survives a Latino surge in the South and West, Hillary Clinton fails to bring home young voters in the Southeast and Midwest, Libertarians give Donald Trump a stronghold in the Northeast, and the Rust Belt voters, White and Black completes the picture. Then with between 274 and 325 electoral votes Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States of America.

Trumpeting for Trump

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