Hillary Clinton Paid Ex-Beauty Queen to Trash Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Paid Ex-Beauty Queen to Trash Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Paid Ex-Beauty Queen to Trash Donald Trump

The Hillary Clinton campaign paid ex-beauty queen Alicia Machado to accuse Donald Trump of calling her “Miss Piggy” after she gained wait as Miss Universe 1996, former Rep. Michael Flanagan of Illinois says.

“I’m sure something like that happened,” Mr. Flanagan, founder of the Washington, DC lobbying firm Flanagan Consulting LLC, said Thursday on TV.

“Look behind the curtain, look at the totality of it. You have Anderson Cooper … talking to this person. You have her the mainstream media darling for the last couple of days.

“This was not accidental, she just did not appear out of the cement. This was part of the debate strategy to build the narrative afterward that Trump is a train wreck.”

Donald Trump has been under fire for sexism after Ms. Machado made media rounds Tuesday saying he called her “Miss Piggy” in reference to her weight and “Miss Housekeeping” in a jab to her Latin heritage.

The alleged insults by Donald Trump were 1st raised by Hillary Clinton in a carefully scripted close of Monday’s Presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY

Donald Trump denied the allegations, though he did publicly call her an “eating machine” and dragged the press along to watch Machado work out at a gym.

Mr. Flanagan said despite some polls showing that Mrs. Clinton bested Donald Trump Monday during the 1st of 3 televised debates, it is Donald Trump who actually emerged victorious.

“He won the debate … I think he could have prepared a lot better. But I think the campaign wanted him to look presidential and they got that box checked. There was no major gaffe,” Mr. Flanagan said.

“What Hillary did was designed to build to where we are now and where she wants to go, and that is blunt his progress and get her own campaign restarted after her falling episode. And that’s where they’re trying to get to.

“And unfortunately they’ve hooked their star to a telenovela star that’s going to train wreck them, I think, before this is over if they stay attached to her … I think they drop her like a hot rock in the next couple of days.”

Mr. Flanagan said Mr. Trump must skip the fluff and talk about the issues in the next 2 debates.

“If he comes in and talks about her the way that she’s talking about him, the mud does not help him. Come in and talk about the issues. He’s right on the issues, he will win on the issues,” he said. Let the conservative radio and TV pundits continue to broadcast the scandals, crimes and shortfall that surround Hillary Clinton, her family and minions.

Trumpeting for Trump

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