Hillary Clinton is in ‘Legal Jeopardy’ Over e-Mail Crimes

Hillary Clinton is in ‘Legal Jeopardy’ Over e-Mail Crimes

Hillary Clinton is in ‘Legal Jeopardy’ Over e-Mail Crimes

The new FBI director will likely revisit Hillary Clinton’s private e-Mail use in light of James Comey’s firing by President Donald Trump.

“The Clinton cases need to be reevaluated not only under a new FBI director but under the new leadership of the Justice Department,” Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said in a TV interview Thursday night.

“Comey misdirected the investigation by suggesting they needed to prove intent when, in fact, common sense tells you that they mishandled it and knew what they were doing was wrong which is enough for prosecution.

“It’s gross negligence under the law.” Mr. Fitton said. “The Obama Justice Department never wanted to have a serious investigation.”

He added that “I still think she faces legal jeopardy.

“If the system is working, she still faces legal jeopardy,” Mr. Fitton said. “The Justice Department under President Obama protected Mrs Clinton (and her crew).

“The FBI director repeatedly misstated the law suggesting they needed intent,” he added.

Hill and Billy had plenty of intent, from White Water to Benghazi and beyond.

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