Hillary Clinton was left “Off her Game and Rattled” Sunday Night

Hillary Clinton was left “Off her Game and Rattled” Sunday Night

Hillary Clinton was left “Off her Game and Rattled” Sunday Night

Donald Trump delivered a “masterful performance” at Sunday night’s presidential debate that left Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton “off her game and rattled,” Mr. Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, Kellyanne Conway, said Monday.

“He took the case right to Hillary Clinton from the very beginning,” Ms. Conway said in a TV interview. “I hear her team really trying to spin the heck out of it last night and this morning as, ‘hey, she came to talk about the issues.’

Mrs. Clinton started the combative nature of the events in the 1st debate with her “diversionary tactics and extraneous moments,” by bringing up topics that moderator Lester Holt had not been talking about and had “nothing to do with the subject matter at hand,” Ms. Conway said.

Ms. Conway denying several stories that had come out in the wake of hot-mic tapes of Donald Trump making explicit comments about women, including malicious reports she called “really bad” by NBC that she was leaving the campaign.

She also denied reports that Mr. Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, is leaving the ticket, commenting the Indiana Governor is has a full slate of events and he will make each and everyone of them as scheduled.

“I think people are looking for excitement and crazy stories,” said Ms. Conway. “Tune into the campaign. There’s plenty there. Watch the debate last night. There a lots of examples.”

In the debate, Ms. Conway pointed out, Trump talked about Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails and the fact that she didn’t know that the letter “C” means “confidential” in a document, despite having been a senator, first lady, and secretary of state.

Donald Trump also took her on for her “entire failed record” in Libya, the “Russian reset,” and with ISIS, and she does not believe Sunday marked Hillary Clinton’s “best night.”

Donald Trump announced in the debate that if elected, he’d appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Mrs. Clinton’s e-Mails, and made an offhand comment that she would be in jail if he was President.

“That was a quip,” said Conway. “He had already finished his statement. She said something that’s why you’ll never be president. He said you would be in jail. And so that was his answer. As for the special prosecutor, I think that’s Donald Trump channeling the frustration he hears from thousands of voters on the stump every day”

Further, said Ms. Conway, it would not be up to Mr. Trump whether Mrs.Clinton would go to jail.

“She made a snide comment . . . about ‘why you can’t be President,’ and he said she would be in jail,” said Ms. Conway. “Whether she goes to jail is not up to Donald Trump. It is up to whoever adjudicates whatever crime she has or has not committed.”

Several sanctimonious Republicans pulled their support for Donald Trump after the videotape of his comments about women was leaked by NBC late Friday, Ms. Conway said the Trump Campaign would be happy to welcome them back to the fold.

“If they don’t come around and don’t want to support their party’s nominee, that itself is incredible. How it’s only Donald Trump’s burden is beyond me . . . I want to add my name to the list, of course, of people who among with Melania Trump, felt the comments were offensive and unacceptable and I’m pleased that Donald Trump apologized for them. He did it last night and that matters to people,” Ms Conway said.

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