Hillary Clinton Dives in the National Polls, Scandals Pile-up

Hillary Clinton Dives in the National Polls, Scandals Pile-up

Hillary Clinton Dives in the National Polls, Scandals Pile-up

Hillary Clinton saw a significant drop in support nationwide in polling as Donald Trump took advantage more controversies mounting against the former 1st Lady, US Senator from NY, and Obama Admin’s US Secretary of State.

Mrs. Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has shrunk to only 4 points nationally over the course of a few weeks, according to the latest Real Clear Politics average.

Donald Trump has even taken the lead in 1 national poll where he is standing at 40% to Hillary Clinton’s 39% in the latest Rasmussen report and Reuters/Ipsos.

In another national poll, which previously showed Mr.s Clinton with considerable 7-pt lead, Mr. Trump now only trails by 2 pts according to the latest Morning Consult poll released Sunday.

The national polling suggests the race is less predictable than it was earlier this Summer.

Mrs. Clinton was once favored by a 9-1 margin over Donald Trump, that margin has shrunk considerably going into September, according to the most recent polling.

Hillary Clinton “should cease all operations, all contact” with the Clinton Foundation if she wins the Presidency, Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) said on “Meet The Press”Sunday.

When pressed if that means the Foundation should be closed due to the allegations that special access was given to its major donors when she was Secretary of State, Sen. Sanders said he did not think that would be necessary, as the organization does do good and needed work.

However, he did insist that “at the very least Hillary Clinton should not be involved” any longer with the Foundation.

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